In the beginning,…

In the beginning, there was…what, exactly?

Faith.  Religion.  Christianity means different things to different people.

My goal with this blog is to examine the Bible in small pieces.  So, be warned, it will take longer than seven days!  I aim to help myself, as well as others, understand what faith is to me.  And to, I believe, many others.

The beginning.  The Garden of Eden.  The snake.  Noah and his floating ark.  Abraham and the ultimate sacrifice.  Are these stories absolutely accurate?  More importantly, does it matter how one interprets the Bible?  How can I believe in God and science?  Who is Jesus, and what did He stand for?  What does it all mean?

Does it mean I am crazy?  I don’t believe I am.  I am a perfectly sane wife and mother.  I am a daughter and sister.  I am an aunt and best friend.  And…I am a person of faith.

Whoa!!  Wait just a minute.  I know what you’re thinking, but…

This is definitely not a “religious” blog, as I detest religion.  I suppose you’ll come to see that, in time.  This is one woman’s journey through the Bible, with all commentary being her own.  No sir, no religious scholars here!  One woman…her own words.

Confusion reigns supreme in today’s world.  What with religious zealots attempting to control the laws we live under, is there any wonder faith gets a bad rap?  Fundamentalism is not the way of Christianity.  It is but one form of it.

It is my feeling that faith and politics should be separate.  As a Christian, I catch a lot of flack for feeling this way.  But I believe my interpretation of the Book bears my views out.  I intend to go through this mysterious, lengthy, confusing, and (often times) contradictory book passages at a time.

I hope to learn something.  When we stop learning, what is left?

Perhaps… some of you will make this journey with me.

Perhaps…you will agree with my assessments.  And maybe you won’t.

Perhaps…the only way to find out, is to get started.

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